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Fujian Yinchao Tieyi Trade Co., Ltd. - shangpinge Tieyi

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                      Hedek Fujian Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd. will add its subsidiary Fujian Yinchao iron trade Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 20 million yuan on June 1, 2020. During the period of the company's development and expansion, we always provide customers with good product and technical support and sound after-sales service. Our company mainly deals in the processing and sales of handicrafts, furniture and household products; hardware Products, daily necessities, office supplies, electronic products, kitchenware, textiles and other products professional production and processing company, with a complete and scientific quality management system. The integrity, strength and product quality of Fujian Yinchao iron art trade Co., Ltd. are recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and business negotiation. The company is committed to focus and innovation, is one of the Chinese iron industry brands engaged in enterprises.